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Dong-il Kim ➤ vereinslos seit ➤ Offensives Mittelfeld ➤ Marktwert: ➤ * in. Dong-Il Kim is on the board of SunBio, Inc. and Celltrion, Inc. and Professor at Inha University. He received a graduate degree and an undergraduate degree. Currently, Dong-Il Kim occupies the position of Director & Senior Managing Director at Biotoxtech Co., Ltd. Mr. Kim is also on the board of Scas-BTT Bioanalysis. Berufserfahrung, Kontaktdaten, Portfolio und weitere Infos: Erfahr mehr – oder kontaktier Dong Il Kim direkt bei XING. Dong-il Kim. Date of birth/Age: Dec 14, (22). Citizenship: Korea, South. Position: Attacking Midfield. Dong-il Kim. Without Club since: Jan 1, Last club.

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Entdecken Sie all Ihre Lieblingsthemen in der SlideShare-App Holen Sie sich die SlideShare-App. Damit können Sie Inhalte für später speichern – und sogar. Dong-il Kim ➤ vereinslos seit ➤ Offensives Mittelfeld ➤ Marktwert: ➤ * in. Dong Il Kims Profil auf Operabase, der Referenz für Opernaufführungen weltweit, anzeigen. Dong Il Kim hat 2 Vorstellungen im Profil aufgeführt. Shin-Jae Durchblicker Kredit Celltrion, Inc. Ranking nach Fundamentaldaten. Ranking nach Fundamentaldaten. Galopponline App States. Passwort vergessen? Name Titel Seit Celltrion, Inc. Alle unsere Aktienanalysen. Celltrion, Inc. Aktienscreener Startseite. Meine Watchlists. Aktuelle News. Meistgelesene Artikel. Dong Il Kim Director. Gwang No Sun Bio Inc. Soon-Woo Lee. Adresse Comdirect Chart. Aktuelle News. Mitglied werden. Thematische Aktienempfehlungen. Schweiz DE. Anteile an Dong-Il Kim. Jung-Jin Seo Celltrion, Inc. Top News. Alle Analysen. Biotoxtech Co Online Casino Platform A Biotechnologie. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

He was always full of energy and loved to mischievously make people laugh--often telling amusing stories and whimsical jokes with a twinkle in his eye.

He had a strong sense of responsibility to provide for his family, constantly working hard and rarely taking a vacation.

Michael often demonstrated a strong, cheerful face to the world—keeping his emotions to himself. Even as his strength faded in recent years, he was thoughtful at all times in his wish to not burden anyone.

He quietly persevered through difficult circumstances and stoically endured deep personal challenges with incredible toughness and a gentle smile.

He is survived by his wife of 48 years, his son, his two daughters, and six grandchildren. He will be greatly missed, but his faith and courage will be remembered by all who knew him.

Share Obituary:. Share a memory Send Flowers Share. Retrieved 24 June Go director stakes fame on virtual star". Archived from the original on 28 June January 23, Popular in China, Japan".

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March 13, JoyNews in Korean. In response to the rumors regarding Kim's health and supposed loss of power, in April , North Korea released a video showing Kim visiting factories and other places around the country between November and December According to The Daily Telegraph , Kim was a chain-smoker.

Kim's three sons and his brother-in-law, along with O Kuk-ryol , an army general, had been noted as possible successors, but the North Korean government had for a time been wholly silent on this matter.

Kim Yong Hyun, a political expert at the Institute for North Korean Studies at Seoul 's Dongguk University , said in "Even the North Korean establishment would not advocate a continuation of the family dynasty at this point".

This was the first time Kim was seen in public since August He was unanimously re-elected and given a standing ovation.

Kim reportedly visited the People's Republic of China in May He entered the country via his personal train on 3 May and stayed in a hotel in Dalian.

Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Kurt Campbell told South Korean officials that Kim had only three years to live, according to medical information that had been compiled.

There were speculations that the visits of Kim abroad in and were a sign of his improving health and a possible slowdown in succession might follow.

There is no official information available about Kim Jong-il's marital history, but he is believed to have been officially married twice and to have had three mistresses.

His two known daughters are Kim Sul-song and Kim Yo-jong. Kim's first wife, Hong Il-chon , was the daughter of a martyr who died during the Korean War.

She was handpicked by his father and married to him in They have a girl called Kim Hye-kyung , [] who was born in Soon, they divorced in Kim's first mistress, Song Hye-rim , was a star of North Korean films.

She was already married to another man and with a child when they met. This relationship, started in , was not officially recognized.

They had one son, Kim Jong-nam — , who was Kim Jong-il's eldest son. Kim kept both the relationship and the child a secret even from his father until he ascended to power in Kim's official wife, Kim Young-sook , was the daughter of a high-ranking military official.

His father Kim Il-Sung handpicked her to marry his son. Kim had a daughter from this marriage, Kim Sul-song born His second mistress, Ko Yong-hui , was a Japanese-born ethnic Korean and a dancer.

After Ko's death, Kim lived with Kim Ok , his third mistress, who had served as his personal secretary since the s. She "virtually act[ed] as North Korea's first lady" and frequently accompanied Kim on his visits to military bases and in meetings with visiting foreign dignitaries.

She travelled with Kim on a secretive trip to China in January , where she was received by Chinese officials as Kim's wife.

As he explains, their roles were limited to that of romance and domesticity. He had a younger sister, Kim Kyong-hui.

She was married to Jang Sung-taek , who was executed in December in Pyongyang , after being charged with treason and corruption. Like his father, Kim had a fear of flying [] and always travelled by private armored train for state visits to Russia and China.

Kim was said to be a huge film fan, owning a collection of more than 20, video tapes and DVDs. Although Kim enjoyed many foreign forms of entertainment, according to former bodyguard Lee Young Kuk , he refused to consume any food or drink not produced in North Korea, with the exception of wine from France.

Kim reportedly enjoyed basketball. United States Special Envoy for the Korean Peace Talks, Charles Kartman, who was involved in the Madeleine Albright summit with Kim, characterised Kim as a reasonable man in negotiations, to the point, but with a sense of humor and personally attentive to the people he was hosting.

The field of psychology has long been fascinated with the personality assessment of dictators, a notion that resulted in an extensive personality evaluation of Kim.

The report, compiled by Frederick L. Coolidge and Daniel L. Defectors claimed that Kim had 17 different palaces and residences all over North Korea, including a private resort near Baekdu Mountain , a seaside lodge in the city of Wonsan , and Ryongsong Residence , a palace complex northeast of Pyongyang surrounded with multiple fence lines, bunkers and anti-aircraft batteries.

The Sunday Telegraph reported that most of the money was in banks in Luxembourg. Kim's funeral took place on 28 December in Pyongyang, with a mourning period lasting until the following day.

South Korea's military was immediately put on alert after the announcement and its National Security Council convened for an emergency meeting, out of concern that political jockeying in North Korea could destabilise the region.

Asian stock markets fell soon after the announcement, due to similar concerns. On 12 January , North Korea called Kim the "eternal leader" and announced that his body would be preserved and displayed at Pyongyang's Kumsusan Memorial Palace.

Officials also announced plans to install statues, portraits, and "towers to his immortality" across the country.

In February , on what would have been his 71st birthday, Kim was posthumously made Dae Wonsu usually translated as Generalissimo , literally Grand Marshal , the nation's top military rank.

Kim received numerous titles during his rule. According to North Korean sources, Kim published some works during a period of his career from June to June At least , copies of [Kim Jong-il's works] were translated into nearly 70 languages and came off the press in about 80 countries in the new century.

There were more than activities for studying and distributing the works in at least countries and regions in The following year witnessed a total of more than events of diverse forms in at least countries and regions.

And saw at least 3, functions held in over countries and regions for the same purpose. The Selected Works of Kim Jong-il Enlarged Edition , whose publishing has continued posthumously, runs into volume 24 in Korean [] and to volume 15 in English.

In his teens and university years, Kim had written poems. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Second supreme leader of North Korea. This is a Korean name ; the family name is Kim.

Eternal Leader Generalissimo. Kim Jong-il. Central institution membership. Other offices held. Main article: North Korean cult of personality.

See also: Human rights in North Korea. Further information: Kim dynasty North Korea. Main article: Death and state funeral of Kim Jong-il. Main article: List of Kim Jong-il's titles.

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This tragedy was the result of a misguided strategy of self-reliance that only served to increase the country's vulnerability to both economic and natural shocks The Economist.

Retrieved 24 September Retrieved 11 March Archived from the original on 9 June Retrieved 5 July Army War College Quarterly, Archived from the original on 26 October Retrieved 10 October Retrieved 18 December Korea leader sets world fashion trend, Pyongyang claims".

The Independent.

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PAWN (2020) - Tailer Subtitulado - Sung Dong-il, Ha Ji-won, Kim Yunjin, Kim Hee-won The King. Korean People's Army. US: Oxford University Press. Archived from the original on 5 French Leauge 2 Jang Soo-gyun [18]. Park Pyung-dal [25]. Sign In.

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kim dong il Abonnenten, folgen, Beiträge - Sieh dir Instagram-Fotos und -​Videos von Dong Il Kim (@kakadong1) an. Dong Il Kims Profil auf Operabase, der Referenz für Opernaufführungen weltweit, anzeigen. Dong Il Kim hat 2 Vorstellungen im Profil aufgeführt. NL Sunkid GmbH, Dong-Il Kim Spielwaren und Geschenkartikel Heinrich-von-​Kleist-Straße 48, Bad Homburg vor der Höhe,Hessen. Post Code: Tel. Entdecken Sie all Ihre Lieblingsthemen in der SlideShare-App Holen Sie sich die SlideShare-App. Damit können Sie Inhalte für später speichern – und sogar.

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Dong-Il Kim. MarketScreener Portfolios. Won-Bae Kim. United Kingdom. Dong-Il Kim: Persönliches Netzwerk. Dong Il Kim Public Broadcasting Service. Los Angeles Times. January 25, April Demos Spiele, Track listing. Retrieved 11 September

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